Connect different vewpoints from which to observe and better understand the world.

A tool for every explorer and researcher who uses the digital medium to collect and process information with the goal of generating new perspectives, either to satisfy their own individual needs or to contribute to those needs shared with the rest.

The development of a vewpoint depends on the variety and richness in the interactions with other points of view.

The project is in its embryonic stage. Right now only Daniel is working full-time on it. The intention is to integrate, little by little, more profiles and skills that support the growth of the project until it becomes a mature tool, useful for those who use it, and until we get there, all progress will be shared in the most open way possible.

Any comments, ideas or references will be more than welcome. If you want to contribute publicly, you can do it in this Telegram group.

For private, direct communication, you can write an email at hello@.

To stay updated on the progress of the project you can follow this Telegram channel, and if you prefer to receive information sporadically, you can sign up to the mailing list.

The content and activity log are available on Github.

If you are curious, you can continue exploring a bit more.

Pándēmos: an experimental narrative about the relationship between the new state of the world (pandemic) and the need for a change in today's information paradigm (infodemic).

The Hyperlink Delusion: Daniel's personal statement to upgrade the web.